Virtual Office" coming out the top office in Shanghai| 7/16/2009 5:49:46 PM

Core Tip: With these questions, this reporter visited Shanghai a few well-known provider of virtual office business leasing company. The face of good and evil "virtual office" rental market, wishful thinking is the name of the prospective tenants are also many ways to well-considered.
Grade A office space virtual office rental of goods from the Hang Lung Plaza Virtual Office Court summons advertising business administrator

Hang Lung, CITIC Pacific, Tomson Yipin ... ... If you're business cards printed business address is that these high-end commercial office buildings, the moment in the exchange of business cards, you will not implicit sense of superiority? In the conference room floor, dozens of business, success will greatly increase the probability?

"Virtual Office" coming out the top office in Shanghai

Now, this is no longer a hope. Has long been popular in overseas virtual office has become a city at the moment that the public hot topic. For many enterprises, the virtual office of the commercial motive behind the very clear: to reduce real estate costs and improving productivity, increase profits and enhance the corporate image, to participate in international competition and improve customer service.

Shanghai market is currently leasing a virtual office situation? Virtual Office application What are the conditions? Whether it applies to all companies and entrepreneurs?

With these questions, this reporter visited Shanghai a few well-known provider of virtual office business leasing company.

Access to high-grade office space virtual office

Last Tuesday, the reporter to Nanjing West Road on the two high-grade office space - CITIC Pacific and Hang Lung Plaza, site visits, two very popular "virtual office."

The first stop, the reporter to the 35 floor, CITIC Pacific is located in Germany do business Services Limited, an elevator, simplicity and generosity of the decoration is added to the environment some good, the degree of style is no different from large companies in general. Front, the three employees to wear uniform uniform up politely say hello, show that the malicious, the journalists under the guidance of manager, are scheduled to enter a small square of about ten interviews. Conference room before small but complete, a glass round-table can be five or six people around the table have to drink the beverage for the participants, with understanding, the reporter was informed that such a specification of meeting rooms equipped with the company number, which is also used as a virtual office rental an important supporting services, including in the company's virtual office rentals in the third set - "1680 yuan / month, you can enjoy services including the use of the company address, a 24-hour phone line adapter, as well as three hours a month of office time. ".

With the other two forms of rental prices down, you can enjoy a corresponding reduction in services: the second set the price of 1,000 yuan / month, providing a dedicated business telephone line, the company responsible for the future and voice telephone calls during the day and night adapter work; the first set, the price was only 600 yuan / month, tenants can be the company address - that is, "35 Floor, CITIC Pacific" is printed on business cards or promotional materials on the company's office as its address. Less than 2,000 yuan per month office looks quite attractive, but the reporter was informed that the investigation so that the price level, the virtual office in Shanghai, the market is not cheap, which is also the outspoken manager said that the company offers a virtual Main office lease or office rental services for the entity and, therefore, their virtual office is not the main push of the services, "Our company's customer base is mainly overseas customers. Most of these foreign entities in a virtual office with the form of leased office premises . "deputy manager, told reporters," I may be many foreign customers in a long time working abroad, with the virtual office, not affect their business in China, even to be interviewed, but also can provide us with advance reservations in the conference room in the completion of . On the other hand, also some large-scale commercial enterprises before the economy入沪'test the water'.