The next step in the development of IBM also depended on the virtual office| 7/16/2009 5:49:46 PM

Integration of new staff to colleagues is not very easy task - especially when they come from all over the world, speak different languages. Many companies do not understand this, and various IBM. Computer service providers last year, an increase of 20,000 new employees, most of them from Brazil, China, India and Russia.

IBM may have found a way to overcome new employees in the geographical and cultural differences. When IBM is unable to recruit new staff together, it is the use of 3D technology (like SL) so that employees of these new virtual link. "This can enable them and others would like to close the exchange," said new media director ChuckHamilton "People separated by thousands of miles - to the United States are not people-centric, this is especially true - they do not feel isolated."

IBM software used Activeworlds virtual work area so that staff or the use of a graphical representation of the embodiment of their own to rehearse or perform, such as learning the benefits of employees. Other enterprises on the use of SL in the online environment with limited marketing test, this experiment so that IBM has become a pioneer in other enterprises. IBM is now in a virtual world to deal with a series of activities such as coordination meetings, staff training and recruitment.

From the first use of virtual marketing

As SunMicrosystem company, probably more than 50% of employees work outside the traditional office, virtual world can make good employees scattered integration. "In the staff of enterprises throughout the global corporate culture is difficult to maintain. Sun Labs NicoleYankelovich said the main researcher," the virtual world technology business together, building a global corporate culture. "

At least that is what we want. The majority of large enterprises, including IBM, Sun, Xerox (XRX), CiscoSystems (CSCO), Unilever (UN), is the pioneer of the use of 3D technology. Many companies focused on marketing SL, but some companies are not happy with the results of marketing.

April 30, 134 million people log on SL, and in seven days ago, only 340,623 registered users. Those users in over 65,000 acres of virtual land, walk to an area - to chat in the company of the island. "When corporate marketing in SL, the emergence of a bubble. In addition to internal use now, very few blatant external marketing." VRWorkplace virtual world consultants, said the founder and CEO, "does not in SL for marketing a large number of people or other virtual world. "

The second use of SL

Enterprises found SL and virtual world, many other purposes. For example, the Xerox Corporation from a group of employees in Europe and the U.S. every week to discuss in the SL virtual world technology, and strategic planning.

In September last year, Xerox through SL so that the field staff of 20 took part in virtual Rochester in New York at the International Women's Conference, 2007. The basic 570 Xerox employees are participating in the activities of the scene. They watched the video session, through the exchange of text chat.

Other companies are looking at SL to help employees work day-to-day collaboration, thereby reducing the cost of travel. In mid-April, Unilever in their own territory SL activities, the intention of cultivating a global collaboration among the three groups capacity. Unilever said the CFOChrisTurner "In addition to large expenses and a lot of time, all the people together can not be physical. Now they have their own in the SL virtual world. Where they live, and cooperation, work, or basic social. "

Cisco is also in the recruitment of SL companies. Cisco's AndrewSage said, "We mainly use SL to recruit new talent, in the SL, it is easy to find people under the age of 25." As a technology manager and proficient in Sage, the embodiment of manipulation is also facing challenges. Earlier, during a seminar in the recruitment, performance of the embodiment of Sage suddenly flew off. Sage said, "there is no need to explain what, SL is also not perfect."

The virtual world of their own

Now, Sage in a totally different activities in the virtual world, Unisfair - he thought a good use of the virtual world services company. Other companies would also like to go beyond the SL, they tend to their virtual environment to ensure the privacy and user-friendly to maintain control. Linden Lab SL allows companies to create a private space, but some companies still want to host their own additional control "SL is a public environment - outside the firewall, our control in all the outside -- - We can not rely on it to conduct interviews. "IBM said in hamilton. April 3, IBM said that it would in their own servers SL to build a private space, SL part of the first place it outside the corporate firewall.

SunMicrosystems would also like to be able to run their own virtual world to make their own databases and user authentication systems. "When we started to experiment with SL, we soon realize that SL is not a suitable environment for business," Sun said the company Yankelovich. So Sun created Project Wonderland, a free software used to create 3D virtual world and the world as well as the embodiment of all the action.

To create virtual worlds for the enterprise also has the ForterraSystems, VirtualHeroes, Qwaq, andMultiverse (, 4/16/07)

What are the prospects?

JonBrouchoud architects over the past two years he has been using SL to help customers, like their virtual home. Customers can use the virtual model to test the image color, texture, furniture layout, and landscaping. Brouchoud and building a virtual model in real-time discussion, he also worked with a British customer to design his development projects in the United States. He said: "With the real estate downturn, we have the development of virtual enterprises and school construction has become an exceptionally busy."

However, cost-effective use of virtual world technology it? Marketing is very expensive: It ParksAssociates estimated in 2007: in 2006, business in a virtual world where the cost of advertising for the 15 million U.S. dollars, in 2012 is expected to be 10-fold increase. High cost of other services. According to ForresterResearch (FORR) said the cost of the establishment of the virtual world is mainly reflected in the creation of the time spent on the custom and the environment. Nuyens said: If the company you want something more accurate, then he had to spend more money.

Many companies involved in these virtual worlds, they do not know at this cost whether it is worth the money and effort. Experts said the SL and the virtual environment similar to the real world can not be copied, can not also geographically dispersed enterprises, the cooperation of the staff. "Virtual integration of labor" KarenSobelLojeski author said: "The virtual world enables people with better jobs. Regardless of the technical staff, in helping people to cross-cultural communication, contact process, the implementation still play a key role in . "

These figures of the world has not been fully test, IBM is pleased to adopt virtual world technology. A mentor to conduct the project, this project will encourage the retirement or about to retire and new employees to share their experiences. Most of the project met through the virtual world, guidance, presentation. Look at the overall situation, IBM is building a virtual world of planes and the distance from the bridge culture. IBM said the Hailton: the virtual world to make good contact with staff, and geographic differences in the environment is no longer an obstacle.