Monthly rent of 400 yuan a "virtual office" Hang Lung Plaza Shanghai show| 7/16/2009 5:49:46 PM

"My Hang Lung Plaza is now in the office." New Year's Day, the Shanghai company, a person more than the old boss (a pseudonym) to the friends and family to show off his new address on the card.

More than familiar with the old people do not know the strength of his strong, the company's annual sales income of only二三十万million. How could he have the strength in the rent of 10 yuan / square meter or more days of Hang Lung Plaza office tenants?

More than the old one out of the "mystery." He only spent 400 yuan per month, in the Hang Lung Plaza, a "virtual office" address rented.

Access to high-grade office space virtual office

Rent than the old "virtual office", Hang Lung Plaza is located in one of 63 buildings, is a "professional service office solutions" provider.

Yesterday, the business center, Mr. car salesman to the "Daily Economic News" introduced the services provided by the company. 400 yuan per month, you can use the Business Center's address as a contact address outside; 600 yuan, you can apply to the business centers and specialized bilingual front desk telephone, once a customer by telephone calls from business cards to you, business center will be automatically transferred answer the phone to your cell phone; 2,000, in addition to be able to enjoy the above services can also be used in the Hang Lung Plaza, 10 hours and 3 hours of the office can accommodate 10 people meeting in conference room.

Hang Lung Plaza reporter in a 63 floor, saw the vehicle described by Mr Business Center, while office space occupies nearly an entire 63-storey building, but these can be used 10 hours of the office, but only more than 10 square meters. In the business center, so that there are hundreds of office, all separated by glass. Mr. Cart, the customer is not here to go to work, or only occasionally in the "office" work.

U-Right, deputy director of real estate research center, said Lu-lin ride, a "virtual office" into such Hang Lung Plaza Shanghai Central Business District is the first time the top office. Previously, only the urban areas of some low-end commercial buildings, will there be a "virtual office." Most of the high-end office space, as a "virtual office" customer is too small, the impact of building brand image, often denied them.

However, high-end office rental market by the financial crisis worsened, making the "Virtual Office" "乘虚" to enter the Hang Lung Plaza. According to statistics, as of the third quarter of last year, and ultra-Class Shanghai Class A office rents fell 0.9 percent, the vacancy rate reached 17%. On rent was as high as more than 20 yuan / square meters of a global financial center, has dropped to 10 local Yuan / m days.

Top brands of office to defend the war

Hang Lung Plaza's anchor tenant, or the world's top 500 enterprises, or the well-known accounting firms, 4A advertising company, the world's top five real estate firms, etc. and they can do, "neighbor" is more than satisfied with the old.

Hang Lung Plaza office in the white-collar workers who are not happy to have this kind of "neighbors."

Central Plains commercial real estate research analyst Miss Xu said that even if the rental market for office space poor, the majority of the owners of top-level office building leased to or do not want to be a "virtual office." "Many companies are directed at the brand image of the Hang Lung Plaza leasing office space at high prices. And 'virtual office' customer brand and Hang Lung Plaza, obviously can not match." In her view, a "virtual office" to appear in the Hang Lung Plaza, it may be because the owners of the contents of the tenants know of the specific operation.

Responsible for the management of Hang Lung Plaza Shanghai Real Estate Development Co., Ltd. Heng state of the person leasing department, said yesterday that only know that a tenant is a 63 floor, Business Center, but the specific content of the operation, leasing sector interference inconvenience.